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Tree Surgeons Stevenage

Crown Reduction

The reduction in the size of a trees crown with the aim of leaving a healthy tree that maintains a natural shape and appearance.

Crown Thinning

Removal of selective branches within the tree crown to allow more light through and reduce wind resistance. This can also improve the look of the tree.

Crown Lifting

Removal of the lower branches to raise the canopy of the tree. this is a good way of improving light levels and can benefit lawns and under plantings.

Sectional Felling

This is the cutting down of the whole tree by dismantling it in small sections.

Tree Felling

Cutting down the tree with one felling cut. This can only be carried out when there is sufficient room to do so.

Stump Removal

We have a stump grinding machine and can grind tree stumps to 30cm below ground level. We can then fill with topsoil ready for replanting or turfing/seeding.

Hedge Cutting

We can trim any size hedge, no matter how compex. We have a wide selection of ladders, scaffold towers and hedge trimmers.

Garden Maintenance

  • Grass cutting
  • Weeding
  • Shrub Pruning
  • General up keep of borders

We can maintain your garden on a regular basis!

Tree Planting & Transplanting

We provide a tree & shrub planting service. We can supply quality trees and shrubs and advise you on which species is best suited to a specific location.

Log Prices:

Bulk bag £75

Half a Transit Truck Load £130

Full Truck Load £220

Our Timber

The timber we acquire from jobs is either sold to sawmills or used for chainsaw carvings, but 80% of it is added to our Log pile.


Our hardwood logs are split and stored under cover to season and dry for two years. Bags of logs can be delivered throughout Stevenage and all surrounding areas.

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